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    Marie Blau-Pielke und Lea Ebert (AlienGirl Magazine)

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    links: Oliver Knoch (HAV VEN POSE) rechts: Marie Blau-Pielke und Lea Ebert (AlienGirl Magazine)

Bachelor Exhibition “Sofort beenden / Level up” in Hamburg

The students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe invite you to their Bachelor Exhibition, “Sofort beenden / Level up,” 22-23/02/18
Four programs in the Art & Design division—Photography, Film & Motion Design, Illustration and Communication Design—will show around 30 bachelor projects.

Beauty myths, passion for collecting, depression, fashion and conservation. The students in the Photography program will exhibit their work in various media—on the wall, as spatial installation, film or in the form of magazines.

The Film & Motion Design program will show light installations, virtual reality projects, apocalyptic series intro.s and works about organ donation and the seven deadly sins.

Bachelor projects in Illustration will visualize the theme of double standards, confront the female body as bearer of tattoos and present a journal from a fictional expedition.

The program in Communication Design will engage with various artistic styles in a video piece, think outside the box in the truest sense and present an interactive book.

Viewers are invited to actively participate in the exhibition.

When: February 22 -23, 2018
Where: bahn_hoefe, Museumstraße 39, nähe Bahnhof Altona

Vernissage: 22/02, 19—21.00 Uhr
Ausstellung: 23/02, 11—21.00 Uhr
After Party: 23/02, ab 21.00 Uhr

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