• AStA - BTK

The students at BTK conform with the Berliner Hochschulgesetz (BerIHG). The individual courses choose semester based representatives which form the Student’s Parliament. These representatives vote the general student committee named the AStA. We are here to help by:

• Establishing better communications between the university and the students.
Deliberating problems, hints (as well as compliments) to the university board
Represent the students in all relevant bodies Also according to BerIHG the following tasks are covered:
• Enabling the formation of opinions within all groups of students
• Commenting on all questions relevant to both higher education and political policy
• Further political education and the willingness of students towards active tolerance as well as advocating for fundamental and human rights
• Perceive cultural, economic, social as well as professional interests of all students
• Promoting the integration of all foreign students
• Promoting university sports
• Cultivating nation and global wide student body relations
• Fostering the goals of each university course

For everything and everyone we at the AStA have an open ear, you can contact us via Mail or through Facebook. Talk to you soon!