Communication Design Bachelor of Arts*

Because you’re creative.

* Accreditation in preparation due to new bachelor reform.

With us you can develop your potential and personality. As a communication designer you’ll communicate complex issues visually which will influence thoughts and actions. The work you create will not only be aesthetic, but will also convey multifacetted messages and emotions. To achieve this, content must always be understood in its cultural, social, ecological and economic context. Designers are the driving force here.

Whilst studying the Bachelor's degree in Communication Design, you will learn from experienced professors and lecturers from the creative industries, using our extensive infrastructure of workshops, libraries, studios and laboratories. You’ll also have access to an analogue letterpress/lead typesetting, screen-printing, risograph, b/w darkroom, photo studio, print and scan lab, MacPools and a game lab.

In addition to design basics and design theory, a special focus is placed on the area of future-oriented digital media. Further insights into the Photography, Illustration, Film & Motion Design, Game Design and Business study programmes await you. Our interdisciplinary study structure will make you competent and fit for your future.