Bachelor Studies in Film + Motion Design

Frame by frame: helping tomorrow’s film professionals reach their goals

UE’s practice-oriented Film + Motion Design programme teaches and tests basic methods, concepts and techniques for the design of time-based media. From camera work and sound design to analogue stop-motion animation, CGI and 3D modelling to digital compositing, hybrid film and visual music, the course offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for creative expression.

Our way of communicating, thinking and feeling is characterised by digital, interactive and time-based media. Being able to develop and design these professionally is one of the most exciting and future-oriented activities. In the world of film and motion design, you are part of these innovative developments.

Whilst enrolled on the Bachelor's in Film + Motion Design programme, you will learn exclusively from renowned lecturers within the creative industry and can use the professional equipment at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) which includes a green screen studio, VR equipment, an animation studio and many more for your study projects. Our teaching focuses on your individual advancement in small learning groups and in a friendly, familiar and creative atmosphere. Through our interdisciplinary subject selection, a large number of practical projects, semester abroad and internships, you can actively shape your studies and career path.

With a future-oriented, accredited Bachelor's in Film + Motion Design, we offer you the opportunity to fully develop your artistic potential in a personal environment. Study in seven project-oriented semesters at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) in Germany, the first institution to offer Film + Motion Design as a course of study and offer a wide range of optional courses.